Brewfest 2016


By now most of you have probably already noticed that we haven’t mentioned anything about Brewfest 2016. Due to new enforcement regulations etc we are unable to host the event until we can come up with new ideas and sponsors that can help us.

Until then, please support our organization in other ways by volunteering or by making a donation on our website.

You can read more information about the new regulations here:


KFB Brewfest 2014 – Sept 20, 2014

2014 Brew Fest

The 4th Annual KFB Brew Fest  | Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Fourth Annual KFB Brew Fest was held on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Roseneath Farm (1102 Cherokee Rd) Florence, SC. Ticket sales from the event helped Keep Florence Beautiful, a local non-profit organization with the mission of improving the community through beautification projects and recycling initiatives.  The event featured:

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KFB Brew Fest 2011 – October 11, 2011

October 15th, 2011 – Downtown Florence 

VIP Admission $40 3:00 – 7:00 PM  | General Admission $25  4:00 – 7:00 PM 

The inaugural KFB Brew Fest is an event hosted by Keep Florence Beautiful, a nonprofit organization in Florence, South Carolina committed to improving our community through Litter Prevention, Waste Reduction, Recycling, Beautification, and Community Greening. 

This fundraiser be held in downtown Florence on October 15th, 2011 between the hours of 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm at the new Florence Cultural Garden (a KFB Project) on South Dargan Street and will feature a competition for local home (beer) brewers and live music including band “Octopus Jones”. 

Admission includes a tasting glass and beer samples. VIP admission will also include access to the Home Brew Contest and an early beer tasting of two specialty craft beers. Additional food and beverages will be available for purchase. Funds from tickets and sales for this event will benefit the Florence community through KFB beautification/improvement projects and educational awareness programming. 

Home Brewers (Competitors) – There is an entry fee of $25 which includes a VIP ticket for the Home Brewer. Home Brewers applications must be submitted by October 3rd. You will be required to submit three (3) 22 ox bottles OR six (6) 12 oz. bottles. They should be clean and free from labels or bottle designs and without distinguishing marks. The cap should also be free of any markings. If the cap has writing on it – use a black permanent marker or paint to cover it up. Fine grit sand paper and acetone will remove writing as well. Silver or gold caps are recommended. Each bottle should have a bottle tag rubber banded to it. Do not use tapes or glue or you may be disqualified. Make sure to tag each beer with a label, see “Brew Fest 2011 Homebrewers Application.pdf” attached for additional details. 

 Volunteers – Volunteer positions are available, must be over 21 with valid ID. Please contact

Ticket Sales – Tickets are on Sale at Micky Finns in Florence, SC at 194 South Cashua Drive or 550 Pamplico Highway. You may also purchase tickets through one of the Keep Florence Beautiful Board members listed below.