Adopt-A-Spot/Garden Program

Adopt-A-Spot/Garden is a volunteer program that gives the public an opportunity to be actively involved in conserving and maintaining the natural wealth and beauty of the City of Florence’s public areas and gardens. Individuals, families, businesses, youth groups, faith communities or civic organizations can partner with Keep Florence Beautiful (KFB) to continue to beautify our city through its spots and gardens.

Objectives for the Adopt-A-Spot/Garden Program Are:

  • To ensure the continued enjoyment of public street sides and gardens in the City of Florence.
  • To promote physical fitness and community.
  • To create a place for gardeners to showcase their talents.

Adopt-A-Spot/Garden Volunteers are asked to:

  • Litter and Debris Removal: Pick up litter and debris along spot/garden corridor. When at all possible, recyclable materials should be kept separate from the trash materials.
  • Planting: KFB will help establish a new spot/garden. However, it is up to you to maintain this spot and add any additional flowers/vegetables for the remainder of your contract. Native plants are highly preferred.
  • Watering: Providing water will be the greatest challenge. In the summer heat, adopters may have to water as often as every day for plants to survive the season. You must find a way to water your site if irrigation is not available.
  • Weeding: Pull weeds and trim back plants as needed. Deadheading is also encouraged.
  • Maintenance: Make sure all garden beds, curbs, etc. are in good shape and do not create a safety hazard.
  • Chemicals: The use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides of any sort is strictly prohibited.
  • Complete a work form for KFB at least once per quarter (4 times a year) for two consecutive years. If your spot/garden is deemed a highly visible location (5 points, etc.), you must submit one per month.
  • Gardeners will need to supply their own tools to garden their site.

Keep Florence Beautiful will:

  • Recognize the volunteer group on an Adopt-A-Spot/Garden sign placed along the adopted segment. After two cleanups, an AASG sign (example provided below) will be paid for by KFB acknowledging your service. If there is a request for additional signs, those will be the responsibility of the volunteer group to purchase. Placement locations will be agreed upon by KFB staff.
  • Provide trash bags, gloves and vests. The city will provide mulch.
  • Pick-up filled trash bags and debris at a pre-specified location. Notice must be given to KFB 48 hours in advance of the spot/garden work day.

If you or your group are interested in the AASG program, please complete the form here.

An example of an AASG program sign.

Important Links for Current AASG Program Participants:

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