How to Reduce Waste

by Jessica Harrington, Keep Florence Beautiful Board Member and Adopt A Street Coordinator

5 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Everyday Life

A lot of things we do in our everyday life can add up to have a major impact on the environment.  Sometimes, it is best to start with small changes and work your way up.  We have put together what we believe are five simple ways to make a lasting change.  

  1. Use a reusable water bottle. By using a reusable water bottle, you are eliminating the use of plastic beverage containers. You also eliminate the gas emissions and packaging that comes from shipping these plastic containers.  Another added bonus is you save money by not purchasing more expensive drinks on a whim.
  2. Use reusable grocery bags.  Reusable grocery bags have become more popular in recent years.  However, you do not have to use them for just groceries.  You can take them in any store with you and a lot of stores give you a discount for using them which saves you money.  Put them in your back seat or somewhere you will remember to grab them everywhere you go.
  3. Recycle.  You can reduce waste by purchasing products with reduced packaging and packaging that is recyclable.  However, not everything is recyclable in Florence so check labels before you buy.  For a list of items that are recyclable in Florence, click here Recycling | City of Florence, SC.
  4. Buy second hand items and donate used goods. Before you rush to the store to buy something new, consider checking with your local consignment shop.  You could save money and repurpose an item at the same time. You will also most likely be supporting local charities which will give you the feel good factor on top of everything else.
  5. Support your local farmers and businesses.  Not only will you be directly putting money back into your local community, you will also reduce waste that comes along with shipping and transporting goods from afar.  Florence has a City Center Market every Saturday from 9 to 1 with local farmers and vendors directly from your area.  Also, we are there every third Saturday of the month!

We can all make a difference to lower the impact we have on our environment.  All it takes is a few simple steps to get going.  If you are interested in other ways you can reduce waste at home, work, school and just overall, visit the EPA website here Reducing Waste: What You Can Do | US EPA.

Please always be a part of the solution and remember to Keep Florence Beautiful!

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About Keep Florence Beautiful - “KFB” is a 501C3 organization based in Florence, South Carolina. Our mission is to engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving Florence through the visual aspects of our community. We support Litter Prevention, Waste Reduction, Recycling, Beautification, and Community Greening. We identify the causes of litter and reduce it by organizing cleanups and programs that beautify and naturally clean our environment, these programs include community education for responsible consumerism; source reduction, reuse and recycling; community gardens; restoration of vacant lots; highway and shoreline beautification; urban forests, native and wildflower plantings; and graffiti prevention and abatement. More info at

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