Florence Cultural Garden, a Keep Florence Beautiful Project



Florence Cultural Garden, a Keep Florence Beautiful Project

The Florence Cultural Garden installation on South Dargan Street in Downtown Florence is a “Carolina Fence Garden”, this is a Keep Florence Beautiful project in conjunction with the City of Florence and other local and state businesses.   A Carolina Fence Garden utilizes some very basic elements to incorporate both natural and cultural elements which have been designated as symbols of our state. The Carolina Fence™ is a landscape component that can be adapted to a variety of settings. The Fence can function as a valuable habitat element while showcasing symbols of natural and cultural history. Please read below for more information.

Downtown Florence (beside 150 S Dargan Street)

Project Timeline
September 2011

14-16 – Grading/Excavation of Site
19-20 – Installation of Downspout and Rain Barrels
21-23 – Paver Installation (see attached flyer)
23-24 – Volunteer Planting Days
30 – Proposed Project Completion Date, to be ready for Florence After Five Outdoor Concert on S Dargan St

Reference Material
Carolina Fence Gardens: http://www.scwf.org/index.php/education-programs/habitats/fence-garden


Image Gallery


Project Contacts

Terasa Young – terasa@clemson.edu  – 269-5904 (Project Manager/Board Member)
Michelle Bailey – michelle@keepflorencebeautiful.org – 206-3205 (Board Chair)
Tara Durden – tara.durden@acstechnologies.com – 229-7794 (Press /Board Member)

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About Keep Florence Beautiful - “KFB” is a 501C3 organization based in Florence, South Carolina. Our mission is to engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving Florence through the visual aspects of our community. We support Litter Prevention, Waste Reduction, Recycling, Beautification, and Community Greening. We identify the causes of litter and reduce it by organizing cleanups and programs that beautify and naturally clean our environment, these programs include community education for responsible consumerism; source reduction, reuse and recycling; community gardens; restoration of vacant lots; highway and shoreline beautification; urban forests, native and wildflower plantings; and graffiti prevention and abatement. More info at www.keepflorencebeautiful.org

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