KFB 65-Gallon Compost Bin

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How do I purchase a compost bin? 

Unfortunately, we are not currently selling compost bins at this time If you have any questions, contact Keep Florence Beautiful at kfbboard@keepflorencebeautiful.org for confirmation or for more information.

What if I can not pick up my compost bin on the given date? If you order online you can have a friend or neighbor pick up for you as long as they have your name, receipt and/or order #. Your compost bin can not be shipped to you, we apologize for this inconvenience.

Will the compost bin fit in my car? Yes, your bin will come in 5 easy to assemble panels and will easily fit in a 4 door sedan or hatch back. See packaged dimensions below.

Features & Specifications : 5-panels only – easy to assemble • 65 gallons • Assembled Size: 26” x 26″ x 30 3/4″ H • Packaged Dimensions: 31”L x 26”W x 5”H • Shipping weight 20 pounds • Complete set of composting instructions • 4 removable access doors • Lid Snaps Closed

What is the best place for me to store my bin? Your compost bin will work most efficiently if placed in a half-shady place, where the air can ventilate easily. The compost bin must have direct contact to the soil to let micro-organisms such as insects, larvae and worms, reach the material. Please do not place the compost bin too close to the property of your neighbor. To avoid problems with rodents that might eat the worms, you can lay a base of close wire netting.

Suitable material for your compost bin : All organic waste from garden and kitchen can be converted to precious, natural fertilizer, for example: waste of fruit and vegetable, plants, leaves, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea leaves, (shredded) garden cuttings, newspaper, horse manure, but No meat or bones!

How to mix : Place thin layers (no more than 2 inches) of the same material on the top of your compost. Cut long branches to a maximum size of 8 inches – or better yet – shred them.

When will the compost be ready? Humus can be produced, in ideal conditions, in about six months. Compost is great for soil improvement. It is the best organic fertilizer and is called “Black Gold” by wise gardeners.

Where to take the ready-made compost? The compost can be spread in your garden and indoor plants as fertilizer. Do not spread in the heat of the day. The micro-organisms are sensitive to sunlight and dryness. Keeping them alive and happy will keep your soil happy. The big or raw materials left in the compost bin can be used to start the new compost.

Problems with grass cuttings? Too much fresh cut grass will collapse in short time to create an airtight layer that won’t break down. For this, mix fresh grass cuttings with other waste material or add only thin layers on the compost. Add garden soil or old compost to accelerate the composting process.

The importance of moisture : Micro-organisms, like bacteria and fungi, reproduce during the composting process – which rises the temperature up to 140°F – generating humus and nutrients. They need moisture for this process. Too much water will produce oxygen deficiency (and unpleasant odors!). If it is too dry, the micro-organisms will not flourish and composting process stops. During dry periods, additional water may be needed. Use water from a rain barrel for best results. If the compost is too wet, you can add paper or sawdust to regulate the moisture. Spongy compost is good compost!

For more information about this product please contact Rain Water Solutions, Apex NC | 1.919.835.1699 | Info@RainWaterSolutions.com | www.RainWaterSolutions.com

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