Florence Student Makes School Environment Cleaner with Recycling Bins

Thank you Patrick Wang of Williams Middle School for working to get recycling at your school. Keep Florence Beautiful is proud to support your efforts!

FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) – Williams Middle School is taking on a new project to help keep a clean environment, thanks to the efforts of one environmentally conscious eight grader.

“When I went to ask for funding I decided to go to KFB because they’re also really involved in like conservation,” Wang said.

Twelve year-old Patrick Wang is responsible for more than 100 recyclable bins throughout Williams Middle School. He says the inspiration came from an art contest aimed to increase recycling education.

“Recycling is really beneficial because unneeded things that you don’t really need can be converted into useful items” added Wang.

“We sat down and talked with Patrick and talked to the administration at the school to make sure the whole school was on board with continuing the recycling program…and they were,” mentioned Lisa Perry, secretary for Keep Florence Beautiful.

The Department of Health and Environmental Control reports nearly 32,000 tons of solid waste was recycled last year in Florence County. Because of that, the group “Keep Florence Beautiful” partnered with Florence County Schools to help keep a clean environment.

Wang was announced the winner of the Keep Florence Beautiful Art Contest earlier this year. He received a check for $100. The contest was open to all K-8 Florence County students, and its theme was “sustainability.” Keep Florence Beautiful will feature Wang’s artwork as their new “logo” for KFB Education Initiative throughout its Education Initiative curriculum and in other (KFB) publications.

Yang says he wanted to do something eco-friendly at his school and the recyclable bins seemed like the perfect opportunity.

“We plan to have a recycling team and go around with bins so every recyclable is collected from each class. I think it will be interesting because I’ll be able to lead other students and they’ll be able to recycle as well,” says Wang.

It’s a plan some say will help others learn the importance of waste management.

“If we start with kids and get them recycling and the importance of keeping things out of landfills, they’re going to take it home with them and the whole community will benefit,” explained Perry.

The recycling bins were placed around earlier this week and they’ve already been a success.

Wilson High School also received a Keep Florence Beautiful (KFB) Educational Initiative Recycling Grant. Through the grant, the school have been supplied with recycling bins for each classroom and weekly pick-ups from PluffMud Recycling.

Source: http://wbtw.com/2015/08/20/florence-student-makes-school-enviroment-cleaner-with-recycling-bins/ 

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