Call to Volunteers!

The Keep Florence Beautiful organization is comprised of many wonderful, giving people in our community  working together toward a common goal.  Some serve as volunteers for cleanup and beautification events, others support our organization through fundraising and awareness or through in-kind gifts; and others are a part of our Board of Directors – this team is at the heart of the organization, planning and helping with day to day operations and working together to make sure that our programs are run successfully.  It’s a collaboration of all of these volunteers working together that continues to build on, and make our organization a success. It’s all of you, the people that care, the people that are making a difference in our community….and we want you!  Whether you are able to volunteer one hour of your time here and there, a little more time each day, or by simply helping us pass along information we appreciate everything you do for our community!  That said,  we are always searching for more people; those that can bring family and friends and help at cleanup, beautification, or recycling event;  those that can offer other forms of support through donations or in-kind gifts; and those willing to dedicate more time to by serving on our Board of Directors.  Our board members have  a passion for what we do, they are part of a smaller team willing and able to lend a hand – in some capacity –  at each and every event, they represent our organization every day, and they are willing to attend monthly planning meetings and lead work teams for our projects and programs.  Our Board Members  bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to our efforts while helping us ensure that we are meeting the goals and the expectations of our community.  If  you are one of these people, please let us know how you would like to serve. As a board member the time commitment can, at times,  be demanding… but the results are rewarding!  You will be part of a core team of individuals planning and implementing programs and events, you will gain a family / good friends and partners in your vision to improve the world around you.   As a team our board truly enjoys our time together, but we are also committed to working hard toward our efforts to build awareness and fight for Litter Prevention, Waste Reduction, Recycling, Beautification, and Community Greening.  KFB currently has an eleven-member Board of Directors;  in April 2015 we will begin searching for atleast two individuals to serve a two-year appointment on our board. If you, or someone you know is interested in being a part of the organization at any level please contact us today and let us know.  If your are interested in filing a board position we invite you to come and visit one of our meetings (Held on the third-Wednesday of each month at 6pm at Timrod Park-Billy Jeffers Center), or attend one of our many events going on throughout the year and introduce yourself to one of us….this will give you time to learn more about what we do and decide, with confidence, that this is a commitment that you are willing try to make. Thank you for your time and consideration in helping “Keep Florence Beautiful”, and we look forward to meeting and working with you soon in whatever capacity you are able to serve. esigbod


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